Eco-Innovation in Policy

A successful research policy on Eco-Innovation needs to combine the different policy fields (research, environment, economy) as well as a coordinated framework for programmes and other measures along the whole value chain. To support research policy makers in the development of funding programmes on Eco-Innovation, ECO-INNOVERA will work on a broad range of issues:

  • Development of parameters to classify Eco-Innovations: What makes an Innovation an Eco-Innovation?
  • Based on the analyses of the current status quo in the partner countries of the project ECO-INNOVERA will develop best practice for research planning and funding on Eco-Innovation
  • Development of a Research & Innovation Strategy on Eco-Innovation
  • Strengthening Eco-Innovation in education: assessment of university training courses and support of cooperation between Universities
  • Science and technology parks on Eco-Innovation: the analyses of the European landscape, benefits and challenges
  • Establishing a networking platform on Eco-Innovation: provide tailor-made information to different target groups and support communication between the different target groups along on eco-innovation 
  • Development of dissemination strategies to support the diffusion of Eco-Innovation in the value chain and the society

As a cross-sector approach Eco-Innovations can have a large impact on the whole economy as well as on the society. They can be a key to Europe in maintaining and strengthening its position as a global leader in knowledge-based and sustainable technologies. ECO-INNOVERA aims to identify challenges and potentials on Eco-Innovation in Europe and recommend suitable measures to approach them.

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