Eco-Innovation in Research

Research as the first pillar of the value chain has a key function for Eco-Innovation: the development of new management approaches, processes, products and services are required to reduce the environmental burden of our economy. New strategies and innovations are needed to strongly decrease the amount of resources and energy used during production and use of products and services.

To support Eco-Innovations in Europe, a broad range of funding opportunities is available in the different countries. A range of research programmes focussing at R&D of new eco-innovative products and processes are available for research institutes as well as for industry. Further up in the value chain financial instruments are available to support the successful implementation of eco-innovation in the markets.

ECO-INNOVERA will investigate the different research programmes in the partner countries to identify best practise for research planning and funding on eco-innovation. To give consideration to the cross-sector concept of eco-innovation, funding programmes along the value chain have to be coordinated to boost the diffusion of eco-innovation in the markets and the society. The development of common metrics for the ex-ante assessment will help to take the whole life cycle of a project/programme into account ECO-INNOVERA will also put a focus on the framework conditions for the generation and diffusion of Eco-Innovation like:

  • Which changes in educational systems could foster eco-entrepreneurship?
  • Which (social, political, cultural, economic) factors support or hamper eco-innovation?
  • What is the particular role of formal or informal institutions (e.g. social norms) in innovation systems and how proceeds the diffusion of social norms in different innovations subsystems?

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