In 2010 three calls on Eco-Innovation have been launched by the European Commission focussing on different steps of the value chain:

  • DG Research: FP7-Call ENV.2011.3.1.9-1 to -4 in theme 6, Environment (incl. Climate Change); Bottom-up research programme; Volume: 50 mio. €
  • DG Enterprise and Industry + DG Environment: Call for proposals PRO INNO Europe "Better policies and instruments in support of eco-innovation“; Funding programme with focus on implementation: Volume: 67.2 mio. € 
  • Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI): CIP-Call Eco-Innovation „First application and market replication projects“; Funding programme with focus on market orientation; Volume: 35 mio. €

At the member states level Eco-Innovation is funded by a broad range of programmes that are anchored in research, environment and economic policy. Mostly Eco-Innovation is not addressed in specific programmes but is funded within research programmes dedicated to e.g. environmental technology or research for sustainability. Additionally, beneficiaries can range from research institutes up to industry/SMEs.


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