System Innovation in ECO-INNOVERA

  • Eco-Innovera focuses on system innovation in the framework of the development of its research strategy. Supporting system innovation for sustainability has been identified as an area where ECO-INNOVERA could make a valuable contribution to policy, research and innovation support in Europe, and one that would be distinctive among the landscape of ERANets. 
  • Potentially supporting system innovation – based on a thorough analysis of the boundaries and tipping points of a given system – offers policy makers and research funders the possibility of achieving deeper levels of innovation faster, and reducing the risk of unintended consequences of policy interventions. 
  • See also the link to the outcome from a workshop in August 2012 here
  • Further work is under preparation.


Coordination - PtJ
on behalf of BMBF

MSc. Evelyn Echeverria

Project Management Jülich

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